Logbook Services

At EESNT our qualified staff will take care of all your vehicles servicing needs. All services and safety checks are done by the book to conform with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) recommendations. You can have peace of mind that the manufacturer’s warranty is upheld should any incident arise within the warranty period.

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When a component is damaged or breaks! Its good to know that we are here to help, we can offer OEM or None Genuine replacement parts giving you the option for a speedy and cost effective solution. Our large network of local and interstate Suppliers can source the part(s) and have them delivered fast to minimise downtime.

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Vehicle Inspections

We have three Inspectors that are qualified to conduct Authorised NT Rego Inspections and Compliance Checks on the following vehicle types.

  • TYPE A: Vehicles Under 4.5 Tonnes
  • TYPE C: Vehicles Exceeding 4.5 Tonnes
  • TYPE D: Plant and Equipment
  • TYPE E: Commercial Vehicles
  • TYPE F: Light Trailers less than or equal to 4.5 Tonnes
  • TYPE G: All Trailers

For more information and to check if your vehicle is due for inspection visit the NT Government web site.


When purchasing a second-hand vehicle, we can do a thorough pre-purchase inspection to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying. We can also include an estimated cost of repairs for any flaws uncovered.​

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Air Conditioning

As an Authorised Refrigerant Trading business (RTA No: AU29579), EESNT is legally able to acquire, store and dispose of refrigerant gases.

Our licenced personnel are able to service and repair all your vehicles and/or mobile plant air conditioning systems without harming the environment.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

Modern vehicles are fitted with computers that constantly monitor, diagnose, adjust, and control all the components fitted to your car, truck or machine. To access these computers you need dedicated Scan Tools of which we have several types.

Using these tools enables us to diagnose and identify faults fast, allowing us to make adjustments, replace or repair parts as necessary. Saving time and most importantly saving you money.

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Field Service

We have three equipped field service vehicles which enable us to come to you if and when needed; we can service or repair your vehicles, trucks or equipment at remote locations around the NT.

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Engine Reconditioning, all other vehicle components rebuilt or repaired

The machining area and separate clean room are well equipped with all types of grinding, honing, boring, surfacing, cutting, sandblasting, balancing and testing machinery required for precision remanufacturing of engines and components to OEM specifications.

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Other Services

Below is a list of other services offered at Engine Engineering Services (NT), including:

  • Radiators & cooling systems
  • Clutch & transmissions
  • Brake services
  • Steering & suspension
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Exhaust repairs and replacement
  • Agricultural equipment repairs
  • Industrial equipment repairs
  • Trailer repairs

If you’re after a service you haven’t seen listed above, get in touch today!

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